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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
  He Was Short ... And In A Wifebeater
Newscoma goes to the banker A cautionary tale and a true story from today
"How's the newspaper? You feeling better?I heard you had surgery." "It's fine," I said, actually in a bit of a hurry because of the court thing I had to get too. "I'm good." "You ever meet Tim McGraw because one time I had a press pass and I got into see him because I loved him," my perky bank official said to me today as I was signing some paperwork that is always indicative that I'm an adult, which usually irritates me because I don't always like being an adult "Yeah," I said. "I met him." And when she started relaying her tale of a moment with a celebrity, my initial thought was he was wearing a wifebeater and a cowboy hat when I met him in a professional capacity several years ago which gave me the wiggums. Years later, I found this photo that validates my initial assumption. He looked rather bright and showy to me but what do I know? I mean I admit I know nothing about fashion and prefer a much more eclectic style composed from yard sale and thrift store finds. I even wear Crocs in the snow. Donna Karen, I ain't. Now McGraw might have been drinking because that's the way I remember it but I can't be sure because it was long ago and at a college venue where he had a packed house with another woman I can't remember. (Rodent Queen just reminded me it was Susie Bogguss, who if I recall, was actually better than McGraw but I was in the hospitality room eating a variety of American cheese during most of both performances talking with this guy. Alas, it wasn't a Fed-Ex hospitality room in the day. Bogguss was nice, if I remember correctly and she had the John Hiatt penned hit out about that time. Thanks, Squirrelly. ) "I loved him and I used my friend's press pass to go and get to meet him," she said, grinning initially then her eyes lost that sparkle. "I was so disappointed." "Why?" I said, somewhat intrigued because I don't really sit around thinking about Tim McGraw but apparently this woman had quite a bit about the one lovely evening she had a press pass, a chance to meet a country singer on the rise back then and the world was her oyster. "He was short," she sighed, almost shivering disappointedly from the memory. For a moment I felt sorry for her. "And he isn't that cute," she said in a quiet huff. I decided to leave her to her time that was riddled with disappointment and almost glory and left the bank somewhat quickly. 
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