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Sunday, August 06, 2006
  Joe Francis Blasted By The LA Times This interesting look inside Joe Francis' world from the LA Times really shouldn't be missed.
Joe Francis, the founder of the "Girls Gone Wild" empire, is humiliating me. He has my face pressed against the hood of a car, my arms twisted hard behind my back. He's pushing himself against me, shouting: "This is what they did to me in Panama City!" It's after 3 a.m. and we're in a parking lot on the outskirts of Chicago. Electronic music is buzzing from the nightclub across the street, mixing easily with the laughter of the guys who are watching this, this me-pinned-and-helpless thing. Francis isn't laughing.
When I read this I really thought it was creepy. Have fun, go nuts, good Lord knows I have but there is something really wrong here. Very strange. It's worth taking a look at, just because it is. Also that the LA Times has a Hollywood and Adult Entertainment Reporter was something I had never even pondered. Call me niave. I got a dog unstuck from a stairway spindle earlier today so call me totally out of the loop about some things. Joe Francis appears to be a guy not of the good. Girls have a right to go wild, just not be abused. Talk amongst yourselves. (H/T : Boing Boing
Anytime Mr. Smiff is scanning channels or watching the Spike network and one of those commercials comes on and he seems highly engrossed, I remind him he has an almost teenaged daughter and how would he feel if she were the subject of one of these videos.

They make me sick.
I do what the Sista does... I see those girls and think of my daughters. If my husband or kids are in the room as I flip through, I always say, "I'm sure her Momma is proud."
Good God, why isn't this perv behind bars??
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arriving with a camera at a place the camera operator knows there will teen girls likely on one of their first drinking binges (an experiment that many youth make)isn't opportunism or business savvy.
the word 'predator' does come to mind. and yes, America does reward predatory business practices. so why not give a cheer to the scam artists who bilk elderly people out of meager earnings - the elderly willingly hand over the cash or credit.

if the girls/women were stone cold sober then i think they would be making willing decisions. but its an ancient ploy of empty promises and booze to reduce inhibitions - hardly makes it admirable, in my opinion, or original.

" Throughout history, there have been PLENTY of men who would have been TICKLED to be surrounded by naked teenaged girls."
Yes, sexual slavery is indeed an old human habit and very active worldwide - some parents contribute to it and some do not.
Very bad decisions made while really intoxicated can happen and does happen to everyone - those who take advantage of someone in that state of mind are the ones with the problem, unless the one intoxicated is an alcoholic.

It's not really about sex at all - it's about Power over another person.
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We aren't simply talking about girls being enouraged to flash their tits here, Cobra. If you read the article, it should be clear that we are talking about predatory, abusive behavior and coersion that borders on rape. Joe Francis is an amoral scumbag. Do I think he should be censored? No. But I hope like hell that if half the accusations against him are true, he'll be prosecuted and removed from the general population for a good, long stretch of time while his fortune dwindles to nothing.

I linked to this article, too, Newscoma. It grossed me the hell out and made me feel profoundly sad about the current state of affairs in our country.
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