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Sunday, August 06, 2006
  I Had A Situation As you can see, my lovely dog Mabel got stuck in the spindles of the stairwell. She's out, but, of course, my lovely family had to take this picture before we got her out. She was only stuck a couple of minutes, but I was worried. She is a trooper. We had a small child over that was scared of dogs and we blocked the hounds off from him, but Mabel wanted to come down and play. She took an alternative route. I love this silly dog. She is fine. I gave her some pepperoni because she never cried. YES, I have southern carpeting and paneling. Shut up. 
Mabel is so cute! Isn't it funny how some kids are just scared silly from dogs? My youngest was like that, but she's finally grown out of it.
What a cutie!
I have a grand-dog named Mabel.. they look very similar. ;o)

But do you have the flocked southern wallpaper to match the carpet? That's what I grew up w/.. (along w/ numerous religious prints on the walls).
I heart mabel!
Glad the pooch is okay. I like your dogs. :)
I like your dogs too, and your snakes, and your...
Jeez, Cobra, you have a zoo.
It does make you groovy, even though you're more conservative than me.
Oh! Oh Mabel! So! Cute!
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