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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
  Help I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up Living with five dogs is perilous sometimes. I know this for a fact. Last night, as I was wondering around the bathroom at the commune, a frightening episode occured that consisted of a pack of dogs, water spilled on the floor and excrutiating pain which left me on my butt in a pile of wasted newscoma. I fell. I mean a fall of astronomical proportions where, without the assistance of the Rodent Queen, I might still be lying in a heap on the bathroom floor. The sad thing is everyone in the commune ran to my assistance and then they just stared at me for what seemed like hours. I felt stupid, embarrassed and ths sad thing is this morning, I hurt. Like a little old lady, I fell., I fell and busted my ass. Thank goodness I didn't break anything, but I'm sorer than a new bride on the day after her wedding, and not in a good way, believe me. I hope the office isn't crazy today. I'm going in, I may moan some, do the paper and then crawl home in a pile of pain. 
I didn't laugh at your pain last night, but oh the teasing and taunting is set to begin any moment.
Don't feel bad. I fell down the stairs at work about 3 weeks ago. Everybody came running and there I was on the floor trying to figure out what hit me. No good reason for it, I was about halfway down and my right ankle rolled under me and I went straight to the floor below. I was sore and I've been tending to a sprained ankle for the past few weeks, but thankfully that was the worst of it. I'm telling ya, at my age, it could have been so much worse.
Holy Shit!
I bet you hurt for a good while, that was quite the tumble.
I've been 'afeard for a while that living alone I'll fall down my steps to the garage w/ my laundry basket and break my neck and not be found for days and my dogs will end up eating me b/c they will be starving.
I just saw Dr. Bass (body farm forensic dr. dude) talk this week and he told a case story of a woman who died alone (of a brain tumor, so it was expected nonetheless!), and her dogs ate her, so that just reaffirmed it for me. They eat the ends of your bones too for the marrow. I don't guess wearing shoes and gloves all the time will help. Incidently, they had him as the keynote speaker, at lunch. I found that rather ... odd.. interesting. He's the most interesting guy.
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