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Monday, December 11, 2006
  Yeesh and How I Am Too Tired Tired.More tired that I've been in about ten years.Brain swelling tired. I'm so bone weary at this point that my face seeping tears is too much of a commitment.I got nothing.If I don't get a vacation soon courtesy of anyone else in the world but me, I'm going to roll up in a fetal position, with the only comfort coming from my dog Mabel licking my eyes.Ain't a good thought, campers but the blinding love is sorta cool.Funeral is Wednesday. SQ has gotten into the mads, and after my day, I'm not much comfort.Bad day, possibly redeemable. Yeeesh.We will be okay, but damn, there is too much death. Update: I posted this over at Staggering Prophets, which means, after a deletion because I 'm officially too tired to being doing anything and I have officially joined the official "The Suck" club. Jeez. I'm seriously going on a cruise in February after I rob a convenience store and call myself Louise Yeah, I deleted the post over at SP. And moved it over here. Going to have a Bass and ponder something of value. Like Knight Rider or Farrah Fawcett or George Bush's dogs Barney and Miss Beasley. My pondering is moving toward the beauty of Bruce Campbell's writings and the theory of relativity. Crapola. 
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