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Friday, December 01, 2006
  A Trip To The Mailbag As I lay listening to Mother Nature making our little burg it's bitch, let's go to the mailbag, shall we. Newscoma, where are your liberal rants these days. What's up with you? Where is the Bush Bashing? Dear kind reader, I had a bit of an election hangover. I am still here, just needed a break for a little while and I also felt bad about blogging on drugs after my surgery. This doesn't mean that I've quit political blogging, it just means I'm more than just someone who writes about politics all the time. So, in honor of your questions, I haven't fallen off the liberal radar. I still think George Bush is a president who is not of the good. I'm still processing that the only liberal elected this year in my fine state was Steve Cohen. The jury is out for me whether conservative democrats are going to be any different than the republicans have been. I don't think they can do any worse by any stretch of the imagination, but are they going to vote my agenda is the question mulling through my mind. Does that answer your question? NC Hey you crappy beyotch, why you ragging on Tim McGraw? He isn't short either. Dear Person who is obviously a fan of Tim McGraw, I was telling a tale that involved your favorite singer but it was more about reactions I get from the community I live in. Notice at the top of this page it says rural media. Well, as the managing editor of a small town newspaper, people like to tell me things. I thought this story was amusing and I honestly don't remember that much about McGraw including his height but I do remember the tank top and cowboy hat. I also dig that he leans left. However, meeting celebrities really isn't my thing. I also met Beau Bridges once. He did make an impression on me because he had the bushiest eyebrows I've ever seen. They could have slapped your mother. Honestly, they were huge. That's another story for another day. NC What's your deal with Bigfoot? That's classified. NC Do you live in Nashville because I've seen your blog listed on Nashville is Talking? No. I live in Hooterville, but I am a Nashville Ex-Patriot for lack of a better term. I've also lived in Montreal Que and in Amsterdam for a time. I also go to Knoxville and Memphis a great deal. I'm a Tennessean and I be-bop about the state. Answer your question? NC What do you look like, you hot mama? I am six feet tall, I have black hair and I like to wear latex but it's the sixteen tattoos that really make me stand out in a crowd. (Not true.) I actually look like a soccer mom who has bad taste in fashion and has only one very discreet tattoo and I'm also incredibly short. (And, alas, the only things I'm a mom too is a small flatulent dog named Duff, a blind dog named Kirby and the flying nun looking dog on my profile named Mabel. You can call me Busy Dog Mom. NC All real questions, campers.
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