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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
  Transition I woke up this morning and did the regular things. Bantered with Homer a bit (she did the usual morning greeting of saying "Hey Whore" and I responded "Whore Hey" because that's the way we do things here. Hope you aren't offended.) Then I took a spin around the web, seeing that Geo. Bush is going to be on Fox with a sitdown with Brit Hume and noticed the family of the CNET editor have been found, but no editor. Yeah, that's my morning. Not very exciting. And I realized for the first time in a long time, I'm not rushing to get my hiney to work. I have become an early morning person over the past five years. I get up anywhere between four to six and I piddle. My routine is get up, drink coffee, do the thirty minute lickfest with Mabel, grab the laptop, blog a bit, read the news and then rush like a maniac to get to work. Why? Why do I rush to get there? In all honesty, I'd rather go in early and leave earlier. I like the flexibility which is a plus in my job because when I'm in a dead heat, it can be chaotic, so I like to give myself time at my office to just let the day wash over me. But that's just me. My meltdown was good for me. I had some really good conversations with people I care about and we offered our honesty up. I found myself just wanting to hug everyone and I found I was telling my co-workers and my employees everything was going to be okay and the kicker is I believed it. I also called the people that I had somethings to say to and told them how I perceived things without anger or malice. There was a bridge that came down a few months ago with one of the techs and I tried to rebuild it, without sacrificing myself or my belief system while acknowledging his. For some reason, I felt positive about it all. And the cool thing is, I didn't even have to play Mary Sunshine to do it. But this morning, I had some peace and I didn't feel all manic about everything. The thing is and I have to learn this over and over again, I have to be reeducated because life isn't always easy, but we can make it better if we want to. And not to take things too seriously. Life is what it is. And, thanks Kat Coble. Your words helped me about my direction with this blog over at your comment and my comment sections. For whatever reason, I needed those exact words. So, feeling rather free about some stuff. I'm going to go get dressed in a few minutes, and I'm not like a chicken with his head cut off this morning. And this is of the good. 
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