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Sunday, December 17, 2006
  Top Cryptozoology Books Of '06 And within a matter of minutes I'm back with the Top Cryptozoology Books for 2006. The Yowie that Rex L. Camino previewed for us last month is on the list as are several others spotlighting my favorite unseen hero, Bigfoot and various lake monsters. Valley of the Skookum is the one that caught my eye. If you aren't familiar with what a Skookum is, go here.
How would you like to have your mother write a book to explain why you are obsessed with an interest in Bigfoot?
Well, my mom got it. She's the one that bought me the Nessie and Bigfoot books in the first place at the impressionable age of eight much to Homer, Squirrel Queen and Squeegee Monkey's dismay. And possible yours. (H/T BoingBoing
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