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Monday, December 04, 2006
  Too Many Santas At a small non-daily, I have many decisions to make during the Christmas season. I'm partial to putting kids on the front page (next to the mugshot pics of suspected criminals arrested) and the biggest problem is which Santa do I use. Awww, you laugh at this, I can see sarcasm in your eyes saying that's your BIGGEST problem. Okay, imagine this. Everyone hosts Santa during Christmas fundraisers and pageants. This weekend, the community is holding a big deal called Santa's Village, the city will have Santa downtown for pictures and the photos of all the philanthropy groups will have their own Santas meeting with the kiddies. There are a lot of Santas here and because I run the county paper, there are usually no less than 25 Santas appearing from everywhere to the courthouse and Wal-Mart at the same damned time. They all want to be on the front page. The problem, not a one of them looks alike and some of them look pretty darned pitiful (a college kid in a Santa outfit is not always very convincing), so it is up to yours truly to determine who the best Santa for the front is at least once a week. Now, once this decision is made, the other Santas get all jealous and irritated that THEY weren't on the front page. Philanthropy groups feel they are being slighted and it's one big poopbowl. And guess who gets the phone calls. Yours Truly, usually questioning my integrity and how could I hurt the kids who went to a non-picked Santa. Here I am covering embezzlement charges but I get my butt handed to me over Kris Kringle. And this my friend, is indicative to many of my Christmas seasons. 
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