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Saturday, December 09, 2006
  Thinking 'Bout Milsap I love reading Sista Smiff, and I'll tell you why. Back in the day when my hair was bigger and I thought I knew more than I actually did, I used to work not only at a battered women's shelter but at the Country Music Hall of Fame. My sister Homer worked for a guy who was winning Grammy's for Children's music (before Disney monopolized the scene) as well as at the Bluebird Cafe assisting de' boss. And boy was I a good tour guide. In all honesty, it's probably the best job I ever had when I world at the HoF and I did well at it. Sista was there too for a bit as was Squeegee Monkey. We remember each other, but she was moving on as I was moving in. Little bit of blogging history for you here, and when we met at Wolfies, we both eyed each other saying "I know you." And, alas, we did. Small damn world, campers. And at Studio B, my ears would start to bleed when I had to show tours to school children while we listened to Ronnie Milsap's "Any Day Now." We'd get the mandate that we couldn't touch stuff from management. "Do not touch the new Barbara Mandrell dress or leave Dolly's stuff alone." We didn't listen. It was a lovely time where the world was our oyster and we saw the world as a wonderful, lovely place where we would rule the world. Alas, now I shoot pictures of large vegetables and got crap today for not putting a business on the front page during a Christmas parade who advertises with us (I thought the cute kids looking eager for Santa was a better shot) but I digress. Nashville was a fun, disturbing time for me and I miss it. And No, I haven't heard from Squirrel Queen about her grandma. But reading Sista cheered me up and if she doesn't get a celebrity, underground "in the know" job soon, someone isn't paying attention. 
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