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Monday, December 18, 2006
  The Spirit Eludes Me I usually enjoy the week before Christmas, but with the death of SQ's grandmother, the actual spirit of this holiday has eluded me. But this holiday week I usually enjoy more than Christmas. Maybe I need to head over to the Sista's or the Holiday Grinch to get myself all psyched up. I know it will hit me this week, it usually does in quiet ways when a lightbulb goes over my brain and says, "I'm Christmas. I'm here." Last night, I went to see my nieces at the annual church pageant. It's usually a glorious mess where kids sing and tell the story of the birth of Christ. The church didn't fall in when I walked in so things went well there. Actually, it's the church I went to as a child, and there is a comfortable feel to it, but there is a new preacher who looked at me with blind indifference and that sort of set well with me as I don't go enough to really warrant anything else. The one thing about being raised a Cumberland Presbyterian is that most of the pastors must have a degree in theology. They are ticky about this, and so a lot of the sermons speak of the relevance of history aligned with the timeline of biblical scripture. It was nice, but then the new pastor's wife brought a ventriliquest dummy out for the kids to discuss the season's true meaning in the Christian faith and I sort of went blank. You see, Coble doesn't like clowns and I do not dig ventriliquest dummies. I sorta zoned out. This was not expected. Later in the evening, Squeegee Monkey took a picture of me watching the dummy and there was a look of pure terror on my face. Why does certain things creep us out? The highlight of the evening was a young man named Zach who discussed politics with me and although he interrupts a lot, he is quite well read and I am assuming he is our next generation's local political leader. His questions were astute and later after I got home, I sent him some links to some of the more balanced blogs on the internet including conservative and liberal. I actually thought Carter might be a starting place for right leaning pieces that do delve into thoughtful discussion, then sent him to Cuppa, Braisted and West Tennessee liberal, Silence and Aunt B. who breaks things down in a thoughtful way with a powerful passion. Zach is going to be a player and he also possesses such passion it ignites. He's young and it might be helpful to realize that we know he's effing brilliant so to take a moment to listen (I sorta told him to quit interrupting me as I was trying to answer one of his questions.), but I think that once he finds his way and listens to the information out there, he is going to be a powerhouse. I hope he moves away from the MySpace thing (he will, but he's only 18) he could blog and get his politics going on his own blog. He's thoughtful and does the research and I'm afraid it's lost on MySpace. A young, rural man doing a blog about his awakening of his political self would be so awesome I don't think I could stand myself. Anyway, still seeking the Christmas spirit. I'm sure I'll find it.
Photo is a classic from Calvin and Hobbes
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