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Friday, December 29, 2006
  Sharing More Of The Debauchery More of me playing around with the new camera as people pose unmercifully at Tammy Lynette's Birthday Bash. Badger (Beth C.) gets a kiss from an old friend. She doesn't really seem to be in the mood for this sweet gesture but that's our Badger. That she allowed this was amazing. I tried to kiss her on the mouth but she said she'd cut me. Why do I always get this reaction with people? I need to work on my skillz.Writers from the Paper, a hubby in a hat and Cool Daddy John all enjoying an adult beverage. This is a pic from the old friend in the top picture with his wife, his boss is the cool woman with the short dark hair who is giving the hypno eyes and then the lovely Karami. This pic was posted to also highlight that I had set my Bass down to take this pic. Evidence of my debauchery. Did I mention that we had a great time as Tammy Lynette had no idea we were throwing her the party. I know you guys don't know these folks, but I do. And I just adore them all. And being my blog and all on its one year anniversary, I thought I would share some of the folks who make my world very pleasant. Waiting for the Tylenol to kick in. Squirrel Queen is nursing me back to health. It might take a week or two but I should live. 
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