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Thursday, December 21, 2006
  The Return Of The Village As I'm awake listening to the very unwell Squirrel Queen be ...umm ... unwell, I was happy to find this little tidbit.
AMC is getting into the sci-fi business with a remake of the 1960s series "The Prisoner." The cable network is set to co-produce with the U.K.'s Granada and Sky One a new version of the sci-fi thriller, which aired from 1967-68 on CBS. The remake will feature a similar story line to the original series, which starred Patrick McGoohan, who also was creator, producer, writer and director. "Prisoner" will follow a man who finds himself inexplicably trapped in "the Village," with no memory of how he arrived. All of the inhabitants are identified by number instead of name, have no memory of a previous existence or outside civilization and are under constant surveillance. The man, Number Six, sets out to discover the truth behind the Village, why he's there and how he can escape.
Lost owes big props to the Prisoner for inspiration. I love The Prisoner and I hope AMC gets it right. As I'm sitting here watching Fooly Cooly, I guess I'm in a pop culture state of mind this early a.m. 
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