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Friday, December 29, 2006
  A Party, And A Really Bad Headache We had a party for Tammy Lynette's 50th Birthday last night. Yeah, my head hurts. Good Lord, we drank so many adult beverages last night that I have been rendered sterile. I guess that's okay as when we got rid of Edna recently, that was sort of a given. Anyway, as I'm playing with the new camera, I decided to post a couple of pics from her bash. She is a dear person, the place was packed, and I even sang for her (my Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday reendition.) Here are some highlights: Up first, remember Tammy L. will cut you if you don't celebrate her birthday. One of the Powers That Be is watching, ready to jump into action if necessary. The tall Power That Be that makes me get all tongue tied stands with a man notorious for making his own Popskull for the masses in Hooterville. I got some for Smiley, but we may have to use it to get the tar off the bottom of my car. I think it works both ways. If you are wondering what Popskull is, all I know is that I think they also make it in prison in the toilet so prisoners can also imbibe with adult beverages. Alas, no Popskull last night. But we did have plenty of Bass. Wait, that was just me. Tammy Lynette's son, Chops (yes that is his real name, he's the one in the Stone Temple Pilots shirt) is serenading his mother on her birthday. Chops is the coolest and we all dig him. He has appeared on this blog before after he got inked a few months back. The guy on the guitar is a cop. I don't know his name. He is a cop and a guitar player. He didn't shoot anyone but this morning, I wish he would come on over to Chez Coma and put me out of my misery. Going to find the Tylenol. 
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