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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
  The One About Cohen So, it appears that Steve Cohen has hit the ground running by telling folks exactly what he thinks after being named to the Judiciary Committee.
Cohen said he also wanted to be on the committee because it would be where any impeachment proceeding against President Bush would be taken up _ although Cohen acknowledges impeachment does not appear likely. "Speaker Pelosi has made it clear that she thinks politically it would be a bad idea to deal with that in the last two years of the president's term," Cohen said. Cohen agreed that "it shouldn't be just a second-term activity for a majority in Congress" to impeach a president. But Cohen said he thinks the issues that could lead to impeachment proceedings against Bush are more serious than they were against President Clinton. "And there is the prophylactic effect of impeaching a president so that other presidents might know how far they can go and should go," Cohen said.
And that's why I like Cohen because you know exactly where he stands. He just might kick some butt in Washington. 
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