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Friday, December 22, 2006
  Meme From London A Blog Meme? From the UK? Well, darnit it all, I'm in. I'm thinking Bryan wants me to talks about the seven best things I've done this year. Well, allrighty then.
Number One: Brought Bigfoot to the forefront of Mainstream Media. (Because, dammit, it needed to be done.) Number Two: Taught my niece, Charley, how to play poker and admonished her for using swear words (which made me laugh my ass off. I have become my grandfather who did this to me. Drop the F-Bomb in front of this man and he would double over in laughter. Darnit, I miss him. He'd clout you on the head, but he was laughing when he did it.) Number Three: Gave Smiley a "Smiley-faced" smashed penny that he swears is making the Titans win. I agree I have these sort of powers (and he wrote me a poem that made me cry.) I'll have to hit him in the arm when I see him like I used to do to guys in fifth grade. Number Four: Ate Lamb Fries. I'm not going to do it again. No Sirree. Number Five: Hung out with Sista at the Station Inn, that means a lot to me. Need to hear Mista Smiff play"Little Maggie" then I'll be in heaven. Number Six: Became one of those stinky, nasty bloggers that are infesting your world. According to this link, we are ordinary. I must say I disagree. Number Seven: Won some awards this year but I didn't get first place like Squirrel Queen, and that's okay because I'm a hack and I sort of revel in that and she isn't.
I also met Stacy Campfeld, but he removed me from his blog rather quickly when he realized I'm a progressive liberal, but I digress. So I'm supposed to tag seven people. It's Christmas, your only busier that you've ever been in your life, so here we go so I'll try to disrupt the cosmos and actually tag folks. Rex L. Camino because he is insane and is a Bigfoot officiate, Smiley, because he has no more blogger days of Christmas and needs to do a meme, Politicky Bitch because she's awesome, Lynnster because I adore her, Tim because he designed this cool ass looking CSI blog and he's a redneck in Norway, Kathy T. Because I want to and Tits because she is my girl crush and she has an impressive rack. 
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