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Saturday, December 30, 2006
  I'm Moving Out I'm going to be moving in the next few days to I'm still doing some housekeeping, so bear with me and I'm not done yet. I'll let you know when I'm all pretty. Actually, I'm sort of sad leaving Blogger (you know my first time but just like your "real" first time, I've had issues. Some glorious, some of the suck. Some premature starts and stops. Some mind-blowing experiences.) You get my drift. I've tried to keep this relationship going, but alas, there are just too many ifs (Okay, I'll stop with that line of crap.) I'm leaving this blogspot address open for the archives and for the memories. I also want people to be able to enjoy Tim's beautiful design. I just adore it, and him and he really is clever. We'll be meeting in March if things go well. Atomic Tumor also left some feedback recently that I might want a change. He was right. Lynnster is the one that sold me on this so my new stuff will be over at wordpress. It does appear to be easier to use (can't figure out how to post pics but I do now proudly own a flickr site for my crappy photography.) I realize it will take months to get me back on your blogrolls once I start this puppy up. Alas. Do a girl a favor here. If anybody has some advice leave it in the comments on how to do this properly and give me some time to get all my links up and whatnot. Happy New Year's Eve Eve. 
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