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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
  For My Favorite Norwegian Redneck I've been tagged again by my favorite Norwegian Redneck, on five unknowns about me. I did oddities a few weeks ago, so this time we will explore the black hole that is Newscoma.
  1. When I was a younger, I used to watch Jack Van Impe Presents with my mother. I would make her watch the faux newscast about the apocalypse read by Rexella Van Impe. Being I was a news director at a radio station at the time, I would laugh. I wasn't laughing at people's beliefs so don't fuss at me about that. It was the earnestness of Rexella in her delivery. Actually it was just the newscast that I would watch and then I would turn it to something else.It just was amazing to me. My mother initially thought I was bent, but eventually she would watch it too. She would say, "How does Janet Jackson have anything to do with the end of the world." Of course the Jacksons have a role in the demise of the planet. Rexella had it breaking and first.
  2. I once gave a hooker a wig. I worked at the Domestic Violence Shelter in Nashville where she was a client and she didn't have any hair whatsoever. I tried to make her feel better because no matter what I said, she wasn't going to quit the world's oldest profession even though her pimp had put there. I heard from one of my former co-workers she died a few years ago from AID'S and it broke my heart.
  3. Aunt B., Sharon Cobb, TV on the Fritz and John H. are the reasons I started blogging because I loved their blogs. I was very intimidated when I first started. I was extremely fond of Hutchmo's Black Santa series and when I finally met him at the Mothership, I was so excited because he is, in essence, my blogfather. I told Fritz about him being an inspiration at Wolfie's back in the summer before he went to Manhattan and he looked at me like I was touched but he did call me "cute." And as a 41 year old woman, being called cute by Fritz ain't a bad thing. And Aunt B. was mentioned in one of my first posts.
  4. I have won 13 Associated Press state awards when I was in radio, and four from the TPA.
  5. I read Mommy blogs because it makes me feel good, but I also read blogs like The Rude Pundit. And crude humor makes me guffaw.
So there you go Tim. I hope I have been the good tag hag I am. Anyone can pick this up who wants it. 
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