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Saturday, December 23, 2006
  An Emo Christmas From The Ten Year Old My oldest niece is a lot like me about a lot of things. Poor kid. Last week, she discovered the truth about the spirit of Santa. Not my reaction was one on being in on something adult when I was a kid. She didn't have the same reaction. Hers was a bit more emo. These were the words used with Homer, which means we are banning the television from the house. "It's a web of lies, Mama." "Don't tell Charley. I never want her to feel the way I feel right now." "I have nothing to believe in. All of this deception." My sis in her infinite wisdom, opted to let the glamour fit go on until she had enough. Now, Homer goes to church and decided to tell her this story:
Life is hard. We find out things and sometimes they are disappointing. Sometimes you can't see things but you can feel them. So get off the drama queen fit, you don't have to have my attention with this nonsense. You have my attention because I love you. I'm sure you are disappointed but look at the intent, not the so-called web of lies. I've never seen Jesus either but I believe. So stop it.
She then proceeded to, a couple of days later, go to her oldest daughter and said "I'm here to confess all the lies you have percieved I've told you." Quiet sulking from the pre-teen. "Remember when you kept asking if you were adopted," My sister said. "Oh no, you lied about that too," Asa wailed. "No, you weren't adopted and that is the way it is. You're my kid, so quit asking," Homer smiled because, suddenly Asa Corn smiled. "Now, remember sometimes you are on a Need To Know basis." Asa accepted this. Homer's a good mom. When it was my time, I just told the niece that Mr. Right died a long time ago. You can be mired in inky tarry crap or you can , you know, embrace that this was something she just didn't know. "I've been goofy, haven't I?" she said. "No. I get you were embarrassed because the kids at school told you this and you fought with them. Your more embarrassed than anything. But next time you want some attention, can we go toss the ball out in the front yard instead of all this drama," I responded. "You're horrible at sports," she said. "You really suck." Well, yeah. So here's to the wonder of Christmas, pre-teen hormones and the fact that life isn't always fair, but it can be marvelous if you just let it be.
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