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Sunday, December 03, 2006
  Crazy Cat Lady "When you putting the other Christmas trees up?" Squeegee Monkey said to me this morning over coffee. He was speaking of the others (there are three, I forgot about Squirrely's small Simpson Tree which is a big hit because all of the ornaments are, ironically, Simpson characters.) "Later," I said. I was messing with my blog template and was trying to concentrate because I'm a moron about certain things. "What are you doing?" he said. "Blogging," I replied, half paying attention. "You know, you are one hair breadth away from becoming a crazy cat lady," he sighed. As I own no felines, I looked up and said, "I own dogs." "No difference," he said dismissively. "Put up the other damned trees." "Okay," I said, ignoring him. He's at church now. I'll put them up while he's gone and Mabel is currently licking his chair (that's what happens when you put a dog treat on the chair while no one is around) as we speak as I know that will gross him out if he knew. He also can't stand it when the dogs lick each other's eyes, a habit they seemed to do a great deal. I don't know how to make them do that on command, but I'm working on it. Cat Lady, indeed. 
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