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Sunday, December 17, 2006
  Astute Commentary From Lean Left I was reading this over Lean Left and it's right on target.
I just really hate the thought of listening to this crap for two full years, following on a year or more of the same leading up to the last election. Politicians have always jockeyed for position before elections, but in this case the official campaign has already started - Obama and Edwards have established formal exploratory committees, and Hillary has had hers up for months. They really are campaigning for the upcoming election before the prior election has ended - and I think it’s unprecedented for all the front-runners to do that. From this year forward, we will never be out of campaign season! God, what a depressing thought that is.
I agree but I couldn't put it this eloquently. I've had political burnout recently. Other than some tongue in cheek stuff and an occasional shrine to Steve Cohen, there has been a shift here and I've gotten a bit more personal. Not meaning to say I won't shift back, but you know, the political mode is so 2008. And as the folks over at Lean Left noticed quite astutely, they haven't even seated congress yet. *sigh* I'm going to find myself the latest Bigfoot news and go and finish my Neil Gaimon novel as I ponder all of this. 
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