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Sunday, December 17, 2006
  The Annual Chez Coma Christmas Bash So, we had a bash last night and I believe it was a success. The cool things about parties at my hacienda is we have a lot of open space and we have a diversified set of friends who always seem to get along, regardless of our different lifestyles. Alas, the Simpson's tree didn't make it, as a completely accidental (and not drunken, there wasn't a great deal of that actually) moment brought it down and crashed all of the ornaments in a piling mess. But, that was the only downer of the night, as we had a great time. I can't mention everyone, and I have to say as that Homer is a mom, she had a ton of other moms hanging out with her (kinda like a mommy blogger convention, but not at all.) With this, I had my motley crew who are a combination of new and old friends who don't mind letting their hair hang in the wind without worrying what other people think and throwing in a dash of a couple of politicians, we had us a party We have a rule at Chez Coma much like the one in Las Vegas. What happens at Chez Coma Stays at Chez Coma, which means I keep friends for awhile. Anyway, it was a good time. Beth wore an Elf Hat and Sabrina from Batesville (maybe she'll start mommy blogging now that she has a new little one.) I wore the lovely leopard skin Santa Hat 'cause that's how I swing and there were tequila shots (not the mommies)or me for that matter because I don't like tequila shots AT ALL) but their husbands indulged in mucho beer, so we had a great time. We also had a kids' party upstairs, and there was a great deal of girl drama that we were amused by. Girls are girls worse enemies, aren't they?) We met a new guy named Elliot Elliot (sort of his real name but not) that we became smitten with because he is the dryest guy in the room and he had that kind of sense of humor that I love. His wife and he just moved here and are spending their first Christmas in Hooterville. We wanted them to know that it's not so bad (you know, with beer and foul humor, which somewhat brightens the day.) They were lovely and we hope to see them around soon. And we have a Music Row contigency here. It was funny to see one woman who was like I'm from Emerald/Masterphonics, Squeegee Monkey used to work at Famous, Homer was at J. Aaron Brown/Bluebird and I worked at the old Stargem. Our new friend, who I will call Stephanie because that is her name and worked at Emerald and is from Nashville, is adjusting wonderfully to Hooterville despite the fact that she has a chicken pen (she married the love of her life who has a farm here which has been in the family for generations and she and he are quite smitten with each other. I find it charming and they like good, import beer and that's a plus.) So now we have a beer pond in our sunroom, as guests put their hopps and barley beverage in a discreet huge buckety thing in the corner and we have about three cases left of Bud Light/Bud Select (blech) floating around. It is Ned McWherter country, so I guess that is indicative of his beer dealership which is just down the road. Another party Tuesday? I'm thinking yes. 
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