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Monday, December 04, 2006
  And It's Over
Alas, there were tears. Only because Homer left her cell phone with the youngest, who became enamored with it and refused to put it down. It was dropped several times, and then (to them, I'm Aunt Tick) my voice raised a bit because I was afraid there were going to break it. Now, campers, I did not yell at them, but apparently it felt like a yell to Charley Bear and that's what matters. Perception is everything to a child "I didn't do anything wrong, Tick," she howled. I told her I knew she hadn't done anything but she needed to quit hauling the phone around. When she wanted to use it, she could pick it up but that she didn't have to hold it nonstop. I will encourage my sister not to leave the cell phone again, being that I have one and they can use it. It's been an item of contention for me during each babysitting visit. No more of that. Ice Cream helped. I'm Tick in that setting and, yes I can indulge the nieces. As they don't have a grandparent near, I can do the indulging. We played some more checkers but poor Charley was tired and was flinging herself around where I thought there might be injury. Mine. She cried again. More of the tireds. I held her until her mother got home, when I was abandoned abruptly and the tears finally dried. I'm not sure, but I think I got told on because kids love to tell on people. Before Charley headed off to bed a few minutes ago, she hugged me and told me she loved me. And then I was told it was alright by Homer who had the sweetest look on her face because she is amused by me over things like this. She told me kids get tired. And that's true. I told you, it could go either way and I think we are all in the good. And they will know how to play poker with a little practice, so that's a step in a positive direction.
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