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Thursday, December 14, 2006
  And, Alas, It's Over The funeral was yesterday for SQ's grandmother and it was what we expected. She loved Jimmy Swaggert so needless to say we heard the preacher sing throughout the funeral. (I know, I know, believe me, I lived through it.) When someone is 95 years old, the saddest thing I really experienced is that she outlived all of her friends, two of her children and four grandchildren. There was just a few members of the immediate family ultimately, although Tammy Lynette, Beth and Sara came by as a support system for the SQ during visitation hours on Tuesday and Sabrina sent sandwiches which were the biggest hit. I love the people we work with, they are truly kind. As Squirrel Queen's father's funeral back in August was a celebration of his life with more than 400 people coming to his funeral, Mrs. Ruth's funeral was a traditional church service as she was a very religious woman. Small sobs and tears filled the small sanctuary which was primarily empty. There was just no one left but us. SQ's Georgia boy cousins have come up and I also must add that I've never been around so much testestosterone in my life, but they are great guys and I've learned when there are four men in the house and three women, that the toilet seat remains in the up position. As we live in a domestic democracy, I'm assuming this is only fair as majority rules. I also must say that I've gotten along great with them, but I have also realized that there are certain things that will reduce me to a junior high kid. These guys are the kings of flatulence and being that I'm not around a lot of men (well, Squeegee Monkey, but he doesn't count), I must say that the sheer grossness of it makes me laugh. Some of their antics have truly been off the mark (all hysterical) and made SQ grab her temples with a weary, bone-rattling sigh. Boys. Gotta love them even if their in their forties and yes, they are still boys. Also, being that SQ's mother weighs barely 100 lbs and thinks eating is bad for you, I'm desperately needing some veggies and possibly a salad. It's times like this after deer jerky, bbq, and countless bear claws/homemade pies being brought in by the community honoring the family after Mrs. Ruth's death, that one realizes (and I'm 41 years old) the importance of vegetables in one's diet. (Squirrel Queen just piped in that we are suffering from scurvy.) But the good thing is that we assumed everyone in her family was Republican. Boy, were we wrong. Just goes to show that you can't judge a book by its cover and, alas, I've been guilty. I need to go home though. I'm still wicked tired but not nearly as depressed as I've been the last few weeks (I'm sorry about my perpetual buzzkill. It's better)and I need to get my groove on. During times like this you realize that its the little things that are important like friends, family and the most beautiful sun coming over the rolling hills of farmland this morning peeking its head over the tree line which discreetly hides the Obion River, so orange and lush that it took my breath and realize this world's majesty. Now I need to get my head into Christmas which is right around the corner. SQ may be getting green beans, salad and corn for Christmas as, at this point, it's what we need the most. 
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