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Thursday, November 09, 2006
  You Have To Win To Continue To Coach In Football You know, as a left leaner, I'm watching the transfer of power in the house and senate carefully. There, of course, are similarities to 1994 and the "Republican Revolution" and Contract for America. For forty years, the democrats had the brass ring and voters didn't like was going on and tossed it to the GOP. This year, the power base has turned. And, in all honesty, this is what I wanted. I want Washington with checks and balances. I think that is important. Ironically, it's what my ten-year-old niece is learning this week in her American History class in fifth grade. And as American citizens, we deserve to have checks and balances when it comes to our government. But I also know that politics is sort of like coaching football. Football coaches, unless their like Joe Paterno, are always going to get fired if they don't have a winning team. The Democrats are going to have to be smart here because politics is changing. The Republicans just became the underdogs, and America loves underdogs. I guess the thing that also concerns me because I'm very weird about my politics, and I have made no bones about my disappointment and dislike of our president and his key players, is that will the democrats botch it up just like the GOP did? And most certainly they will, because that's life. But they deserve a chance to botch it up. However, I want to see them have a few winning seasons. I won't gloat because all of this can change on a dime. I will, however, express that I am happy about the American people voting this year to stop what has basically been a one-party system in this country right now. Today is a good day and I am pleased. The best thing is to watch and wait and see if inherent change regarding current unpopular policies such as the war in Iraq that have been set in place will be dealt with in a timely, efficient manner. I guess, what I'm trying to say is, simply, Dems, don't screw this up. 
Here's hoping the Dems grow a pair..
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