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Sunday, November 19, 2006
  You Aint' Seen Nothing Like The Mighty Finn I have had a brush with greatness, and at all places, a small, humble library in Weakley County. Yes, I've had a brush with a star with ties to Weekly World News. It appears her husband has graced the pages. You need to go over there as it is her photos and stories to tell. A blogger gathering in Hooterville, and by golly, it was a gathering indeed. Finn, with her mother, Nelda, have been published in Muscadine Lines and stopped by for a book signing. At the suggestion from Sara, I figured I would go and meet the mysterious Finn. She has ties to us here, campers. And the connection to WWN is Karma. Karma, I'm telling you. She can write. I'm a hack, but Weekly World News should hire me just because. Just because. Finn is cool. Go buy her book. I did. 
Yes, DH's 15 minutes of fame has come and gone, but what a way to go eh? Thanks for coming out this weekend - it was so great to meet you!!
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