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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
  A Wonderful Visit Kerry Woo, Sista Smiff and Ceeeelcee just came for a visit. It was wonderful and I'll post later as I have to go to the doctor's for a check up and then to see, soon to be revealed new blogger, Tammy Lynette. I think they were quite smitten with Mabel. I think they are headed to see the site of where Patsy Cline's plane wrecked before they head home. Did I mention today that I love blogging? 
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I'm sorry NC... I decided my earlier comment was in horrid taste even tho it was a true story.

Anyway, very glad y'all had a good visit - what a nice surprise of them, and for you. :)
It is always great to make friends! NC I am glad you like/love blogging, it keeps me informed. Which makes me look smart, which makes me happy. Trickle down blogging.
Hmmm this picture... is that the back of Mabel's head?

I need to see if I can find a similar photo of my Petey - they have eerily similar markings from behind, except he was born with a white question mark in the middle of his head. Can't see it as much now but still a stripe and not unlike hers...
Mabel is avoiding celebrity in this photo, which makes me laugh.
I want my next dog to be a Rat Corgi!
Yo. I can have a whole pack of bloggers come visit you if you would like.
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