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Sunday, November 05, 2006
  Will It Bring Our Soldiers Home? I'm sitting here watching Saddam Hussein have a hissy fit in his sentencing hearing. Yeah, he got the death penalty. This should surprise no one. Then they show people taking to the streets, some in support and some folks who aren't so happy. Isn't there a curfew? There is no doubt that Saddam is a bad dude. But after watching the video over the past couple of hours, I actually have to ask if his conviction of war crimes makes a difference to our country. Does it mean that we are going to bring our soldiers home? Does it mean that terrorism will just cease to exist? I'm not niave, and these questions are rhetorical. Also, this story as actual news will be dead within the next 24 hours. Think about it. Haggard's story is waning, Kerry's faux pas is over and we will move into something new. Our country's attention span is selective, at best. The national election will supercede all other news for the next three days. That goes without saying, actually. Incidentally, the Political Wire is reporting that a recent Poll says the Republicans will retain control in Washington. 
What were we talking about? Oh yea, he will appeal, win and come here, cornhole some boys and then go on to run as a republican and win.
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