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Tuesday, November 28, 2006
  When Your Family Becomes A Blog Critic Another random conversation with the Homer: "So you went back to black," she said, peering into the laptop which ironically was sitting in her lap staring at the dark screen reminding me of my failed attempt to be clever with the Grim Reaper/Death ode to Christmas. "Yeah," I said, for once not looking at my laptop which was sitting across the room on the hearth and watching Scrooged with my brother-in-law Squeegee Monkey. Carol Kane clouting Bill Murray in the head with a toaster had the Monkey laughing hysterically. "I love that," he chuckled as Murray went flying across the screen. "I know, you've seen it 25 times," my sister said to her husband without looking up. "It's not that funny." "I think it's pretty funny," I chimed in. They both looked at me indicating immediately that my comment wasn't expected. I realized that my chiming was not, for some reason, welcome to the marital moment they were sharing and I sunk into the couch. "Where's the red screen?" she said. "It was too My Spacey," I replied. Bobcat Goldthwait would be on shortly and he amused me in this movie. "Yeah," she replied. "I like that picture of the kids from the rodeo. Do you know them?" "Not really," I said. "I just put them on for eye-candy. Some people like that." "You're exploiting those guys?" she asked. "I actually put them on there because there were two horses in a bar" I sighed, although I had never even considered that I would be exploiting the rodeo guys. I just liked the fact that the I'd never seen a horse in a bar. "I thought it was cool and Squirrelly got the picture. I mean, two horses in a bar. It's funny." "You gonna put it in the paper?" She said, hitting Busy Mom's link and heading over to her favorite mommy blogger. "No." "Why?" she asked, finally looking up at me for the first time. "I don't know if anyone wants to see horses in a bar," I moved Mabel up off from my lap, because that's where she stays. "And you know, health issues and stuff." "That makes sense," she added, staring back at the screen on the small computer in her lap. "I don't know about the black on your blog." "Would you guys shut up," Squeegee Monkey screeched. And at that moment, we shared a glance and realized we really offer him few pleasures in life, so we were quiet. He laughed again during the scene when Robert Mitchum kicked the cat, and I realized in the last couple of days, my sister had become a blog critic. And this worries me. 
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