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Saturday, November 25, 2006
  Well, Nothing Blew Up Dearest members of my family; I'm very sorry about mixing the chemicals in the toilet and it bubbling over in a volcanic mess reminiscent of the volcano Peter built on the Brady Bunch. Or it could have been Bobby. All I know is that it was another show that Marcia had a teen breakdown over. And whined about profusely. I'm sorry. The toilet, despite the terrible smell and the water bubbling, appears to be okay. I also started the dishwasher and I even put soap in it this time. There has been good news on this front, as it has not exploded like the toilet. Please do not leave me on my own devices anytime in the near future. That is all, Newscoma
This is based on a true story that just occurred about five minutes ago.
Haha! You ARE a domestic goddess!
I suck.
I do.
ok...I need to know which chemicals you combined to make the volcano.

Oh, and I've done laundry without putting in soap. yup, genius.
What on earth DID you do to the toilet? LOL!
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