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Monday, November 06, 2006
  We Send You Love It appears things have gotten worse over at Atomic Tumor's. Dear God, this breaks my heart for this family. Send your kind thoughts and prayers. It's the least we can do. 
This whole situation is just tearing my heart right out. I both want to keep up with what's going on and cannot bear it for that poor man and his family.

It just hurts my heart for him. God.
I am just blubbering like a baby every time I go over there these past two days. Bless his heart, I don't know how he's holding up.

Just came back from there a few minutes ago and they have put her on dialysis and seem to have laid it out to him that today or tomorrow will be either make or break. I am praying so hard she gets thru the next 48 hours and things will look up.
Aunt B. and Lynnster:
This breaks my heart.
It really does.
I find myself wiping my eyes everytime I visit.
I don't know them, but if newscoma and Aunt B want well wishes, I'm on my way there now.
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