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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
  Watching From Weakley County Just got back from the Democrats' gathering in Weakley County. No official numbers (should have them a bit later and I'm sorta off the clock) but this is what we know. Republican David Hawks has already conceded to incumbent Democrat Mark Maddox in the 76th District race, who currently serves as the Assistant House Majority Leader. Maddox was there with his wife and three children, Molly, Meyer and Mark Lee. Incumbent Democrat John Tanner took Weakley County over challenger (and fellow blogger) John Farmer. In smaller races, Martin Mayor Randy Brundige won another term over challenger (and UT Martin student) Brent Smoyer. Numbers are sketchy but Dresden mayor Danny Forrester defeated Joyce Hurt, who ironically is the former mayor of Dresden. The Marriage Amendment got a resounding YES here. Amendment Two passed overwhelmingly as well. As I said, I'll have the numbers later. Lowe Finney, had really good early voting numbers in Carroll County and only was down, from what I understand by less than 70 in Madison, also in the early count. The Jackson Sun is following this one closely. 
I knew I could come here and get my Weakley County update before bedtime! Thanks!
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