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Monday, November 13, 2006
  Vote Rex (Not For That, For This) One last note on the Titans game. I do not think Jeff Fisher is a bad coach. I do think Bud Adams is crazy and a egomaniac. I also believe that Floyd Reece is way not of the good for the Titans as I remind you that I saw McNair toss one off to Derrick Mason yesterday and they weren't wearing the blue and white . And it is a consensus amongst some of us that Vince Young (I always want to write Vince McMahon and I have no idea why) wasn't expected to play this year for the Titans. I do think that Fisher is going to go somewhere else as that is the way of football unless you are Joe Paterno. But I also believe if the Titans were to hire Rex L. Camino as their coach, that it would be best for me in the long run, so I'm advocating his hiring. I know last year he was interested in the MTSU head coaching job and his plan for winning is sure-fire.
I have already devised a game plan to use regardless of the opponent. I promise to run the option on every play but one. It is an effective play on its own, but the added tension of defenses awaiting that non-option play will be enough to keep them off kilter and susceptible to our offense, regardless of the effectiveness it would otherwise have. On defense, we will cheat, pure and simple.
I think this simple and brilliant plan will garner many wins for the Titans and will give us a fabulous 2007 season. And I'm thinking he might have Bigfoot Night at the games, so this is where I benefit. A fresh start is what we need.
As an MTSU alumni, I'm so glad you posted that link to Rex's post last year. I would be all for the Blue Rabid Kinkajous, but Rex's coaching talent is probably indeed best held to a national scale...

(ps glad you had a fun trip!)
Y'all are too kind.

I remember having conversation with a friend of mine immediately after watching the Dallas game where Haynesworth stomped on the guy's face in which we devised the perfect plan for the rest of the season. It was this: Nothing but trick plays from here on out. I mean, that would include everything from Travis Henry or Chris Brown making the occasional pass to a fake punt...on second down. It was brilliant, if I do say so myself, and it would've been the most compelling thing on TV and sure to draw the ratings.

However, I guess giving Vince Young some experience on actual game plans is a good idea too.
Your the coach, man, in my mind at least.
Of course Bigfoot night is imperative, you realize this don't you?
Also incredibly large vegetable night might be a good thing to get the folks in from Cheatham County.
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