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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
  Voices Early comments from Tennessee Bloggers. From the lovely Julie Patchouli:
If you haven't already voted today, get out and do so! Here in Tennessee, there is a vote on whether or not to change our state constitution about making a marriage only between a man and a woman. I don't guess a constitution should really be changed for anything more important (I'm being sarcastic). Seriously, gov't needs to stay out of our personal lives and gay people have just as much right to be as miserably married as hetero's do.
Joe Powell:
Two voters will be one million dollars richer if a referendum passes in Arizona. Now that's voter incentive!! Much better for the voter than say, the "bag-o-pork-rinds" you get for your vote in Appalachia. Glenn Reynolds and others say this effort will just bring "stupid people" out to vote. How anyone can tell the difference between a stupid voter or non-stupid is puzzling to me.
Sean Braisted thinks a Corker win isn't a done deal:
It's all about strategy in a midterm election, and as I don't know the Republicans, I can't say whose will win out. But because the Democrats this year had a strong coordinated campaign between Ford and Bredesen, and because the Republicans had a paper tiger for a Gubernatorial candidate, I'll say that all bets are off. Ford's got an uphill battle, but it's definitely not a done deal for Corker.
Kat Coble talks marriage:
I'll be honest. Folks like me see divorce as a bigger threat to the sanctity of marriage than anything else. Don't get me wrong. I believe there are MANY good reasons--even necessary reasons--for divorce. I think there are many people who are married who should probably get divorced for the health of their entire families. I'm not naive enough to think that all marriages are as perfect as mine. But I do think there are an awful lot of scenarios where people wouldn't get married if they knew an eventual divorce meant owing a large penalty to the federal government. If we are really serious about Protecting Marriage, I think we'd ponder the graver threats--divorce and financial difficulty--more closely than we seem to be doing now.
We Tennesseans take our vote seriously. I dig that. 
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