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Friday, November 24, 2006
  An Unnecessary, Necessary Explanation You may be wondering why there is a disclaimer on the side of this page that suddenly appeared this week. Well, there are reasons. I wanted folks to know that this is my blog and not owned by my employers. They know about this blogging thing, however, it is always best to disassociate my opinions from theirs. Also, they don't own it and I wanted to make that clear. Having been accused of having a "cheerleader" site as well by some one I respect, I just wanted to say I accept that accusation. I see the blogging world as a community and I needed an outlet. It's something I enjoy. I also have been accused a couple of time of not having integrity by doing this blog and working in media, but that was a while back and I don't accept that although they are certainly allowed their opinion. There are other bloggers who work in media who lean right, left and somewhere in between. I think it's great. Newscoma and my daytime job are two different things. I can't stress that enough. And if you have read this blog for any length of time I do try to be respectful of other people's feelings. With some local folks coming to visit, the disclaimer is as much for them as it is for me. This is my opinion and my musings on things that interest me. Be it political, of a pop culture nature or in living life in a small rural community, I own the words I write and I'm liable to change my mind at a moment's notice. This is a blog.It's supposed to be fun, which it is. It is not the newspaper I work at although as that is part of my life, my role at the paper does tend to play it out here because it is a part of me. Sometimes real life collides with the safety of the blogging world and so I was advised to write a disclaimer and a terms of use, if you will, by someone I hold to a high esteem who knows what they are talking about. I took that advice. I hate that I had to do it, but I felt it was necessary. When I decided to not hold a line to anonymity, which I don't, then that was the price I had to pay. My name is Trace Sharp, if you are wondering and it's out there. Just explaining these words to myself as much as I am to you, kind reader. 
Ugh. Well, I hate you had to go to such extremes but understanding the smalltown dynamic, and considering the line of work you're in, I reckon extra coverage w/ fine print is not a bad idea. But still, sigh.
I know.
I was gonna bite my tongue but I'll say it anyway - people oughta spend more time worryin' 'bout they (sic) own business than worryin' about everybody else's.

Of course, that's also not the first time I've ever said that and it's really amazing what a wide variety of topics that statement can cover! Ah well.
Never bite your tongue here:)
I understand quite well the reasoning.

Employers are kinda squirmy over defining product, much in the way (though differently) a blogger wants separation between blog and work. Certainly there are media outlets which do provide blogs and i think that is a smart thing for them to do.

However, there seems to be a rather strong sentiment among many folk that if something appears written down somewhere it is somehow a source of factual and only factual info.

I tend to hope the blog/interent writing boom will eventually increase the standards and abilities of readers to realize that said reader must engage in some elemental basics in reading, such as thinking and comprehension. Which I suppose makes me something of an optimist - or at least it represents my refusal to accept a society with a dumbed down or disdainful approach to words and sentences.

Yay for freedom to express opinions and yay for all things i read here on the ol' NC.
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