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Monday, November 13, 2006
  Trapgame And Disco Ric-Rac There is much to talk about today and if I wrote just one post, it would take on the astronomical proportions of War and Peace. For my tens of readers, I must tell you, no one can invest that amount of time nor wants to, I would imagine. So I will pick up some of the highlights of my weekend throughout the day, which was a blogger's fantasy come to life. As Ceeeelcee said, there was just too much fun to be had and now we are all sorta stunned back into reality (and, frankly, we all need a bit of rest.) But it would be remiss not talk about this guy. Sitting two rows back from him at Sunday's Titans/Ravens match up had me glued to my seat. I was compelled just to stare at him and I could not look away. I COULD NOT LOOK AWAY. Now, from a philisophical perspective, I realized I am a commitment phobe when I look at things I've done in my life. I have never given blind faith to anything, but by golly, Titanman does. The intricacy of his "uniform" is just down-right startling. His joy and his commitment to his favorite team is so amazing that I must say I almost had a pity party realizing that I will never feel this way toward anything. Things to learn from Titanman:
1.) Love is real. 2.) Enemies (such as the Ravens) must be destroyed. 3.) They still have disco trim still sold at a discount city near you that you too can put on anything you own. (Which was a fact I did not know.) 4.) Screaming the term "trapgame" will not mean that a trapgame will indeed happen.
I was rude. I just stared at him blindly with a devotion I did not know that I had in my being. Also, as I was watching with an admiration of the commitment Titanman has given, alas, I was struck with the realization that I am a poor fan. Very, very poor indeed. I also picked up a "Clickit or Ticket" and "Booze it or Lose it" keychain on the ground. My intensity of watching Titanman had fried some brain cells and I initially thought the bright yellow tab said "Lickit or Ticket" which I said aloud. Of course, I was drinking a Budweiser while I said this that didn't help my cause (I must heart me some beer because I really, really despise Budweiser. And, no offense, Coors Light is absolutely out of the question. ) The guy behind me spewed his beer through his nose when I made my asinine statement and I realized that, campers, I am indeed an idiot. At the beginning of the game, we saw a lovely tribute to Ravens Quarterback Steve McNair that basically was an homage to his time with the Titans Behind me, a guy shouted with a murderous rage as the jumbotron filled with the sentiment "Thanks for the memories, Steve." "Fine, Now KILL him." The Dirty Birds won, as you well know. Of course, we had a few moments of hope as did Titanman. And on a final note, after three Buds in my gullet, the nasty taste of swill and a Titan's loss goes down quite wonderfully in the sunshine on a crisp Fall day with new friends. 
... I initially thought the bright yellow tab said "Lickit or Ticket" which I said aloud ...

You most certainly are not an idiot. I can tell that you've just never been pulled over in La Vergne.


So glad y'all had fun. Wasn't it a gawgis day? We spent some of it returning my BIL's car, but what a drive.

I'm wondering how much of that disco rick-rack I can put on my niece's new pajamas. HA!
I think the rick-rack is a good option for everyone's clothing.
I am going to go on the hunt for it myself and put it on random items around my house.
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