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Saturday, November 04, 2006
  Time To Go? You think these papers are trying to tell Rummy something.
An editorial to be published Monday in independent publications that serve the four main branches of the U.S. military will call for President Bush to replace Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

"Basically, the editorial says, it's clear now, from some of the public statements that military leaders are making, that he's lost the support and respect of the military leadership," said Robert Hodierne, senior managing editor for the publications' parent company Army Times Publications.

When much of the nation is wanting some resolution on this war in Iraq, why won't the Bush administration listen? "Stay the course" are just words. I want my friends who are in Iraq to come home. I want them to see their children growing up. If the Bush twins were in Iraq, it might make a difference, don't you think? 
It would make all the difference in the world. But daddy didn't go, & they won't either.
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