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Tuesday, November 21, 2006
  The Thanksgiving-Plastic Surgery Connection There are times that the bone-rattling sigh comes deep. Yesterday, being back at work and dealing with all the stuff that comes up when one has to work, I realized that I'm a fine candidate for a lottery win. I do not need 100 million dollars. A cool 25 million will be just fine. But, alas, that's not in the cards because I never win anything. I've won a few awards but they have never been monetary. I've always said if I won the lottery, I would set up a music fund in my mother's name at the local high school. Then, I would pay off all the things I needed to pay off. Of course, I would also buy a Porshe, but I digress. So, as I dream of lottery winnings, I am mired in reality. Tons of stuff going on at the workplace. As I have moved back to the editor's desk, people in the community have been really sweet. Some of the men have said, are you feeling better after your operation, but they don't want to ask exactly what I've had done. So I told one of them plastic surgery, who said he could see the differences. This made me laugh and I forgot to tell him later it was a hystie and bladder sling so I should be having people look at me oddly to see my phantom facelift over the next few days. I love starting rumors I can control. Another guy I told the truth and he sort of freaked out with a funny look on his face. I call that the "EEWW, SHE'S TALKING ABOUT HER GIRL PARTS" as I expected index fingers to go directly into the ears while babbling "I can't hear you." Now, you might be asking if I won the lottery would I get a facelift. The answer is, alas, no. It kinda creeps me out as my dad had one and I had to take care of him about seven Thanksgiving ago. Yup, that's how I spent my Thanksgiving was dumping out blood bags of my dad who had to have his eyes done and a lift. I really couldn't tell the difference and its gone now. I like to say that my dad flushed his money down the toilet but if it made him feel better and other people like them, that's fine. I am weirded out by women who shoot collagen in their lips as I don't want a needle anywhere near my face. And, there was no turkey and dressing for me that year. So, Thanksgiving sometime represents to me plastic surgery. I guess if I win the lottery, I'll get him another one if he wants it. Newscoma, philanthropist for offering plastic surgery to her pop. Okay, this was random. 
I can't believe you are talking about winning my lottery money. Sorry girlfriend. As Daffy Duck would say, "It's mine mine mine mine mine!"
I'm with you, heck, I don't even need 25 million. One million will be just fine, thanks. And then Kathy can have the rest so she'll stop screaming about it. :p

Collagen lips - ugh. Those Hollywood gals like Melanie Griffith who have totally ruined their faces. I wanna take a pin and pop those too-big poufy lips like a balloon.
Oops what I meant was I'll take one million, you can have the 25 mil, and Kathy can have the rest. Heh heh.
I must be twisted, because your post reminded me of
preznit giv me turkeee
I get the feeling if I won 25 mil. I would be so far removed from my normal state I would blow it in less than six months and be deeper in debt than ever
Winning the lottery will surely be nice...and 25 million!!! can't even imagine what i'm gonna do with it..well hey Thanksgiving is upon us and do drop by my Thanksgiving Blog sometime to share some of the Thanksgiving fun and joy....have a great Thanksgiving!!!
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