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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
  Tennessee Voices III More from across the state on the election: Jonathan Hickman wants to know what a "Tennessee Life" is:
They ought to outlaw campaign commercials. Between them and Limbaugh, I’m pretty sure we’re all getting dumber.
Frank over at Left of the Dial spent time at the polls.
I voted today. No crowds. No lines. That early voting thing is popular. Over 4,000 voted early here in Campbell County and it's showing today. Even the lunchtime crowd wasn't much of a crowd. I have a feeling Bob Corker will win the county. I voted for Ford.
He also talks about his local races. Factchecker over at Knoxviews is breaking a great deal down about voting problems. Sam Davidson made me laugh with this post:
Let me tell you what does determine my vote: wardrobe. Because I don't get more than the basic $10-a-month cable, I tend to watch C-SPAN when nothing else is on. And if I have to look on there one more time and see some poorly dressed fool, with a fat neck hanging over a collar that is crying for mercy and gasping for air, I'm going to throw my remote through my TV and hope it lands on the Senate floor.
My man, John H. has a different way at looking at the elections:
So, based on the fact that people may talk a good game about who will win, but generally won't put their money somewhere unless they are really sure who will win, here's some projected winners from First in Tennessee: Corker wins Virgina: Allen apparently macaca-ed, Webb wins Montana: Burns is burned, Tester pass test Pennsylvania: Casey wins easily Florida: no-brainer, but I just love the way that Katherine Harris has melted down this year, Harris taken out by full Nelson Connecticut: Mr. Independent Lieberman wins easily Maryland: Steele is not man of steel...Card-in Missouri: Not enough Talent, McCaskill takes it.
Brittney had some issues and finally got to cast her ballot at a church, not the school where she thought she was supposed to go. I've done this myself in the past.
Finally it was my turn to vote just as it turned 10 o' clock. The electronic voting machine was easy enough to use. All of the amendments seemed worded clearly and I was able to navigate the voting with relative ease. I did wonder how they decide who goes in as the first choice when there is no incumbent. On my ballot Harold Ford, Jr. was the top option.
Finally, a vote for Rex is a vote for a monarchy. He admits this. I like honesty in my politicians.
The main thing you should remember when you're out there voting today is that not a single one of you received an annoying call from the Camino campaign. Sure, I may have hidden in your shrubs and taken the occasional incriminating photograph, but I never openly intruded into your life.
Yes, my fear of the telephone probably had a great deal to do with it, but I also like to think of myself as a considerate individual.
...with a lot of interesting photographs.
Also, head over to Wage's place and sign the petition for Claudia Nunez. 
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