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Saturday, November 18, 2006
  So You Found Me I have discovered that a friend from high school has found this blog. I also have discovered that some of the locals are reading it. How this has happened is still mind-boggling to me but I feel one might need to know where I stand on some things. I guess I need to do a disclaimer. I also may need to do a terms of use like Aunt B. because one of these days this blog might catch up with me and I don't want to have to go on the lam. So here we go. 1.) I politically lean left. 2.) My obsession with Bigfoot (or Bigfeets) is just because of my love for the fine writing style of Weekly World News. If they hired me, I'm pretty sure I could find them the greatest stories ever to grace their excellent magazine. You might want to look up the definitions for self-deprecation and snark. Although I'm very jealous that Finn's husband was in a picture once in this mag. Incidentally, I'm going to see her today as I've never met her and she is doing a book signing in Dresden for Muscadine Lines at the Library. Yes, we have books in Hooterville. We also have television but one cannot buy Bass beer unless they go on over to the next county. As you can tell, I will be treating Finn as a rockstar for her six degrees of seperation with Weekly World News. 3.) My new favorite word from the past year is asshat. It appears on this blog on occasion. If you are offended that I occasionally use this word, you might want to move along. Here is something you can occupy your mind with. 4.) I am not fond of our president, although I respect the office. I also dig that we have free speech in this country so I can say that. I really love the constitution, the bill of rights, the Declaration of Independence and I have always had a crush on Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson for their vision. 5.) I'm a Lost and Battlestar Galactica addict. 6.) Here are some much better blogs and writing than mine. 7.) If I hear you holler newscoma at me on the street, I might stop, drop and roll as it always freaks me out when people I know or know of (Randall Ford, I'm talking to you) come up at me and whisper "newscoma" which is sort of like Orson Welles gurgling "rosebud" in Citizen Kane, which gave me nightmares because I always identify it with a death rattle. 8.) Yes, that's Mabel and it is her real name. 9.) Yeah, Rodent Queen is the one you know. 10.) Yeah, Homer is the PTO president but I remember the days when I could kick her butt as I was the older sister. Now she is all bonafide and respected and stuff. Me, not so much. So there you go. And yes, the Library Police may get me today. I will not incriminate myself here but I could be in a world of trouble. 
Your modesty is what we find most charming! Oh wait... that was Rodent Queen! ha!
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