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Thursday, November 16, 2006
  The Simpson Post That O.J. Simpson is still considered relevant on the national landscape escapes me. When I worked in the battered women's shelter in Nashville more than 18 years ago long before the murder of his wife and a waiter, he was on what I will call the "celebrity watch list." This basically means we continued to hear rumors that he was violent toward his wife. Then the murder occurred and the media circus began. I sat the afternoon of the infamous Bronco Watch at the radio station where I worked as news director eyeballing the AP wire, reading little blurbs as O.J. rode through the streets of Los Angeles. Now, we have a book where O.J. writes how have committed the murder if he had indeed committed it. He was acquitted of the crime in 1995 and a 33 million dollar judgement against him in a civil case which still is unpaid. I guess the question I have is how classless this whole thing is. Let's forget about O.J. for a minute and take into account how something this trashy, as John H. notes quite well in a post, will be given two hours on Fox and the fact that his publisher says she considers this book a confession. Families have lost loved ones and this is being treated as a pop culture joke? Please. Did O.J. kill his wife, Nicole, and Ron Goldman? I wasn't there, I don't know but his behavior over the years, long before the murder of his wife and then revealing photos and 911 calls do point that he was a batterer. It almost seems to me he is mocking the survivors of this terrible homicide, and I think that is absolutely horrible. Working with battered women over the years, I have seen women dragged behind cars with the heels of their feet destroyed leaving bloody messes. I've seen scars on women who were beat with hot curling irons. I have seen things you don't want to see. I have seen women escape their batterers by moving to new cities only to be caught again by their partners and beaten after thinking they had started a new life. I've been pushed around standing in front of batterers trying to get to their wives, who stood frightened behind me. I have seen women go back to their batterers because schools had released their children to them due to legal loopholes because of threats that their children would be hurt if she didn't return. The threats against some of the children were so heinous, and much more common than you can imagine, it would make your toes curl. So, this isn't a joke. And O.J. Simpson, who vowed he would find his estranged wife's killer and has done nothing, sickens me. I feel he is mocking not only the mother of his children, but a young man that was returning her glasses. And it's wrong. I will not watch this horrendous display which is all about money. 
This just makes me throw right up.
I can't decide what's sicker--if he did do it, I can kind of see how an egotistical monster would eventually be driven to kind of confess, because it's got to drive him crazy that he doesn't get "credit" for the murders. It's sick, but I can understand it.

But if he didn't do it? In a way, that's so much grosser to me. What kind of man would write a book about how he would have killed the mother of his children, if he had.

I feel so bad for those kids.

And I think I'm with you 'Coma. Anyone who's worked around abuse victims knows that when that victim ends up murdered, it's almost always the abuser.
Like Perry March, all I ever want to hear about this sorry waste of skin ever again is a sentence ending "... and a fellow inmate has been charged in connection with his death."


What I fear is that Ron Goldman's daddy is going to have a heart attack on-camera talking about this. I thought Denise Brown's statement was classy, though. Those poor sweet kids.
Do you know if the Goldman family and Brown family can put a lien on the profits?
They were awarded 33 million in a civil suit, and have been unable to collect do to OJ hiding his money and a retirement fund that is immune to the lien.
While I'm sure both families would much rather see OJ go away forever than collect anything from the judgment, maybe they can collect some of the money they were awarded. At least that would hurt OJ a little, though with his ego, the fame is probably more important than the money.
I honestly thought nobody this week could outdo Kevin Federline in stupidity for his vile message written to/about his wife on a shower door in his dressing room, right as he's purportedly trying to win custody of his children in divorce court.

And then the new OJ news came out.

He's a pig.
How old are Nicoles children?
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Okay, the heck with this. It looks like I'm stalking newscoma now. Thank you, Blogger, for refusing to accept HTML links. And sorry, nc, for cluttering your blog with these stupid multiple posts. (Hating Blogger now.)

Anyway, Sydney is 21 now, I think, which would make Justin about 18. 

Obviously Mr. Goldman knew this was coming. He sued in September for the rights to O.J.'s "celebrity" so he couldn't keep making money off his name. Hee.

And newscoma, in my rage at those heathens, I forgot to do the most important thing and thank you for the support and love you showed those folks you helped. Thank you.
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