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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
  Road Trip Three mystery guests are heading my way from Nashville. My house is a wreck, there are tree guys outside my house cutting down a tree and my dogs will prove how, although inherently cute, ill-mannered they are. My house is very, very lived in and has not really survived the storm of Edna tour. I guess the OUT Utero Tour is playing today in Dresden. I'm excited. I honestly can't believe their coming. More later. 
Well when everyone gets there, play nice! I'm so jealous because I know or quasi-know all of you and with those four great (and warped) minds together, you'll laugh the whole time! Have fun!
I hope you`re feeling better ? I`m still working on Goodyear ! They still have a secret agenda, and it`s not good !
That was funny. I'm excited for you.
They're supposed to say "hi" from me. If I'd a known they were coming, I'd have given Sharon something I had for you. As it is, I'll just mail it.
They gave me the message and by golly, I'm coming to Bunko.
We got a call about Rummy's resignation and your name came up ;)
I know who's coming . . . na, na, na . . . ;D
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