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Thursday, November 02, 2006
  R.I.P Mr. Eko The talk at the commune is last night's Lost. For everyone who thinks the show has jumped the shark, I scoff and laugh maniacally. I thought it was really good and although I wasn't surprised that Mr. Eko bit the dust, I was intrigued by how he went. First of all, moment of silence for Mr. Eko. I think the scene that I found to be most intriguing was Juliet doing her Bob Dylan impression on the video tape while saying what she knew Ben wanted to hear on his handy dandy surveillance cameras. I also didn't know the smoke monster could be so violent. What in the hell is going on? See, that's why I like Lost. Did Eko not repent properly and the smoke monster act as judge, jury and executioner? And did the smoke monster responsible for the death of the pilot in the first episode. And why did Locke say he saw white light and Eko only see black smoke? I believe, because we all have different theories, that the smoke monster is not part of The Others. And who is eye-patch guy. I think this is one of those shows that will open the door for more for the rest of the season. The thing is quite simple. Lost makes me want more. Constantly. Lost is trippy and I dig it. 
Smoke monster. Are they dying when they make peace with themselves? My husband thinks they are all already dead. I say no.
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