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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
  Rex Concedes Rex L. Camino has conceded his bid for the monarchy of the world.
It appears that my bid to be the next Senator from (or Governor of) Tennessee has failed miserably. Yes, there were those who said from the start that my chances of winning were about the same as a porcupine has for successfully making sweet love to a balloon animal, but I was not among them. The nay Sayers will always say nay, and I thought it best to ignore them and proceed with the greatest of optimism in those few times when I actually remembered that I was running. Anyway, I need to make this brief, as the desk clerk here at the Motel 6 off I-24 has threatened to call the cops if I don’t either rent a room or vacate the premises.
I think he'll be okay, but dammit if we didn't need him in office. Please go read the whole thing. 
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