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Friday, November 03, 2006
  Quick Update From MSNBC MSNBC just reported that Ted Haggard has admitted to contacting gay escort Mike Jones to buy some meth and asked for a massage in a Denver hotel room. He said he only called for drugs one time. He's still denying a gay tryst. In case you were wondering. No linky goodness. I'll get those as soon as they are up. Update: This is what MSNBC is reporting as breaking news. That Haggard went out from his home this morning and admitted this to KUSA. Here's the link. Not meaning to be callous, but he said he threw the meth away he just can't remember where or when. Haggard is also admitting that is his voice on the voice messages to Jones. To be fair, Jones failed a polygraph, but the person who gave it said although their were "deceptions" in the tape, it could have been due to physical and mental stress. Reminds me of Clinton not inhaling on the drug thing, but that's just my commentary. 
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