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Friday, November 03, 2006
  O'Reilly Riles Horror Fans Up Bill O'Reilly. Back off dude.
You know Bill O'Reilly? That stuffed shirt knee-jerk reactionist / sexual harrassment expert? Yeah, that guy. Well, Bill has finally discovered that there's a thing out there called A Horror Movie, and get this: He wants to ban them.
The director of Saw responds to O'Reilly.
The first thing that struck me about his "rant" is how these films could have never been made 10 years ago... Ok - THEY WERE being made 10 years ago... They were being made 20 years ago - hell even 30 years ago... Gore based horror films have been around for a long, long time... Go back to the early 70's and check out the 'grindhouse' films - if you want some recommendations give me a shout - I could even lend you some of mine if need be... I wish we could take the credit for creating these - but sadly we can't... They started long before us - and will exist long after us... Next - on your 'report' you mention that you have NEVER seen one of these 'gorno' films... Nor - in that matter had anyone on your panel. So - don't you think it's a bit hasty to be judging something you have not seen. Tell you what - I will send you a copy of the SAW series - once you have watched the three films - and educated yourself with Jigsaw and all his 'wacky' victims - then we can talk about the merit of them.
I'll be honest. I wasn't a huge fan of Saw, but I love horror movies. All of them, and although I'm not in love with the so-called "gorno" film as much as I am monster movies. If people don't want to see them, here's a crazy notion, DON'T GO TO THEM! Does Bill O'Reilly have nothing better to do? What an asshat. 
oh no he didn't. did he?

well here's how i see it. first, he's an asshat. second, he's falling in the cable ratings - so why not do a rant on the most attended and viewed movie from last weekend?

asshats are discernible by the fact they never believe what they say, but they'll say anything for attention (think Limbaugh and Coulter).

asshats are also detectable by demanding something be banned - books, movies, music, arts of all kinds, followed by behavior (remember his war on christmas tirade?)

the reason OReilly has a job is the same reason people see horror movies or watch a monkey put on clothes and play poker -- momentary amusements. it has to grate on OReilly who believes in his Importance (not what he rants about). The monkey has less self consciousness about it, but will likely hurl poop at you one day for making him wear clothes and play poker.

As for us horror fans - well, all I can tell The Asshat is - i fling poop at you.
C'mon it's Bill O'Riley. A Self-promoter of Jerry Springer proportion.

I was disappointed in Saw. At first I thought it could be as tense as Seven but it ended up lacking something.

I didn't see the other two.
I'm almost sorry they cancelled Fox News here - they took away my daily laugh at those right wing lugnuts.
Joe nailed it...they don't really believe all that folderol noise, but they know they'll get their meeeeedia fix.

I just wish that O'Reilly decided it was necessary to have a massage with the Haggard ass-hat..not THAT would be television.
Feh. I'm a conservative (for the most part), and I watch Beck.

As for movie tastes, might I recommend Frankenhooker. It's a 2 hour download with BitTorrent. :D
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