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Saturday, November 25, 2006
  Of That Which Amuses Me I can't say enough about how much this blog, Monkeys for Helping, makes me laugh. And If it's snark you want, here you go. Good Lord, I love me some Bitter Betty. And here is my favorite girl crush, Tits McGee. Here is my other girl crush who hasn't posted as of late, but if it's the only blog hauling liquid chicken, I'm there. Big Stupid Tommy is actually completing his book and I dig it. And if this ain't funny, I don't know what is. I hate that it's on hiatus. I can't imagine any of this being safe for work. 
Oh hell, more blogs to read. Heh.

I haven't looked at the others yet, but I clicked on Monkeys for Helping and laughed out loud so hard at the first thing I about choked...
good lord, that picture of the day on the Monkey blog made me do a spit take..

a whole NEW standard of blasphemy..

thanks, I think.
You have to be careful with Monkeys for Helping.
Hope it didn't make you spit out java on your laptop.
I like his dedication to bad Japanese television shows.
But that first pic, well, hadn't used any foresight or vision that might be the first thing you see.
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