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Friday, November 03, 2006
  Not A Fan, But I Voted Anyway Harold Ford Jr. hung out in Memphis yesterday, voted and said he was fine with his position in the race, declaring that internal polls give him a slight edge. I voted for Ford. I didn't want to, but I don't really think Tennesseans were given many choices in this race. His conservative voting record, quite frankly, is not what I want from my senator. I've had twelve years from Sen. Bill Frist and I really do want a change from the status quo. His attitude toward candidate Steve Cohen was apalling. His embracing of the religious right in the waning hours of the election rang a false note for me. His weird, corrupt family. I voted for Ford because I think this country has a need for partisan balance. Washington needs balance and I would like to see the House and Senate taken back over by the opposing party of the White House. We need the democrat yang for the republican yin to counterbalance our government. That is, in my humble opinion, what democracy is all about. Balance, where no one has too much power, and I think that in the past few years, there hasn't been any balance at all. So yeah, I voted for Ford. But I voted for something bigger. It was my vote and I used it. This country needs checks and balances, and we just don't have that right now. Ford, you got a freebie. I can't guarantee I'll ever give you another vote again. 
Here's hoping that vote will be counted. After watching, 'Hacking Democracy' I have some major doubts..
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