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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
  Not A Bigfoot Story, But Weird Nonetheless Homer, who is becoming the star of this blog and desperately needs to get her own but won't, told me a story this morning that wigged me out. Consider it your Bigfoot story for the day and this is her own words:
"My friend, Annie Sprinkle (not real name and Homer didn't use this name but it never ceases to amuse me so I'll use it) told me about something that happened recently with her father, who died a couple of years ago from cancer. When he died, Annie was devastated as they were very close. She and I were talking about dreams and our beloved parents (the ones who died) and how when we dream of them, we don't always see their faces. Well, awhile back, Annie was at home in a house she was renovating. She fell asleep one night and began to dream about her father. She said in the dream he was on one side of the room and then instantly his body was next to her and his face was pressing against hers, nose to nose, and he screamed "Get Up. Get Up Now and go downstairs." She definitely saw his face. She instantly woke up and without thinking shuffled down the stairs. She tried to recover from the dream, thinking it was a night terror of some kind. Then she smelled something weird. It was gas, that was leaking in the house. If she hadn't woken up, her kids and her would have died. The gas leak was really bad according to the authorities. Isn't that creepy?"
I dig stories like this. And this woman, whom I know, swears its true. And she pledges it wasn't an urban myth, but something very real that happened to her. Granted, the local fire department acknowledged the leak. I just adore stuff like this and it was here in Hooterville. 
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