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Sunday, November 26, 2006
  No Love For McLeary A very interesting letter from the Madison Co. Democratic Party's chairman Elisabeth Grigg in today's issue of the Jackson Sun about Sen. Don McLeary. Let's take a look, shall we.
Now, only a few days after being defeated by Democrat Lowe Finney, McLeary is back-stabbing the Republicans. He is considering running against the Republican Party choice for the office of Lieutenant Governor, which would theoretically split the Republican vote and guarantee Democrat incumbent John Wilder's re-election. On second thought, what Republican would actually vote for McLeary now? He is courting Democrat support in Nashville, but he has had no takers.
I've been saying for months that McLeary has become untrustworthy politically and a liability to both parties. The scenario written by Grigg is very interesting. You can't have it both ways, Coach. I'm still wondering if he's given the dems money back, like he said he would, after the switched parties. Sen. Elect Lowe Finney will have a seat at the table with Gov. Phil Bredesen. McLeary won't. But will McLeary have a seat at the state republican's table? Just saying.
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